The power of now.

Is the title of a very good book I am currently reading, written by Eckhardt Trolle. It´s hard to explain in a few words what it is about, but I can definately say it changes your way of thinking!
The book is about how to really learn to live in the now, and thereby avoid a life full of unnecessary worry. He talks about how most people today only identify themselves with their mind and forget to really see the beauty and magic in nature etc.
When you DO learn to let go of all your thoughts, and really dive into the now, you will feel amazing for a brief moment (as you get better at it it will last for longer of course). Well I had one of those moments the other day, and that´s what I wanted to share with you.

We were at some friends house having a barbeque. The sun was shining, the kids were playing and the adults were chit chattering. I was stood in the middle of it all, not participating in any of it, just watching, taking it all in.. Suddenly I noticed a hoverfly just in front of me. It stood still in the air, then it moved off very quickly but came back again and again. It did this a few times but then it stopped just in front of my face. The sun was shining from behind it and gave it a beautiful light - I could see the fuzzy body and the wings looked like they were glowing. It was sooooo beautiful, and when it happened it was like the world stood still! I had no thoughts, all became silent, peacefull and still. It might sound silly to you, but it was amazing to me! Now it´s just a memory, but I intend to have many more of those "enlightenments".

That brings me to a photo I took today, of a bubble. My kids looove bubbles and so do I!
These fragile but stunning soap wonders fly off in the wind - glowing, shining in the colours of the rainbow, only here for a brief moment, but loved by everyone.
I always feel like I want to take one and keep it or push the pause button and walk around it, admiring its beauty.. Well today i succeded in getting a picture of one before it was forever gone. Now I can always look at it and get that happy feeling in my tummy :)
If you love bubbles too, then feel free to stare at this photo as much as you like :)


  1. Love that idea and photo (which is an amazing photo by the way). Have you tried positive affirmations, I love using it to store wonderful calming memories and it works really well. x

    I blogged about the concept here:

  2. Thank you, i will have a look right away :)

  3. ÅÅåå sååå fiiiiint bilde Lone!!!!!